Sacred Place United Church

Good Friday Tenebrae

Step into the solemn beauty of our Good Friday Tenebrae as we observe the passion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ through a candlelit service of darkness. Join us in this contemplative journey, where sacred music, scripture readings, and extinguishing candles create a profound atmosphere of reflection and remembrance.

Maundy Thursday Dinner

Join us for a meaningful Maundy Thursday dinner where we celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and love. Experience a night of fellowship, reflection, and a shared meal that embodies the values of compassion and community.

Ash Wednesday

Embark on a contemplative journey of self-reflection this Ash Wednesday at Sacred Place. Join us as we mark the beginning of Lent with a meaningful service that emphasizes the shared humanity and the humility of mortality, inviting you to pause, reflect, and embrace the ashes as a symbol of our interconnected human experience.

Today is Mission Sunday, so there is no live stream.