Sacred Place United Church

resurrect•ing hope

Celebrate the ultimate victory over death as we reflect on the promise of resurrection and embrace the hope of new life in Christ. Join us as we journey toward resurrecting hope in our lives and world.

resurrect•ing love

This week, we reflect on the transformative power of love. Explore how love heals, reconciles, and brings forth new life in our relationships and communities.

April Mission Sunday

This month‘s Mission Sunday invites us to do some spring cleaning. We’ll invoke the teachings of Marie Kondo as we let go of the things which no longer spark joy in us. Mission Sundays are when we set aside time to focus on one of our core values: justice, inclusion, and family. These might be […]

resurrect•ing witness

Journey with us as we witness the courage of early believers in proclaiming the resurrection. Explore how their bold witness inspires us to boldly proclaim hope in our own contexts.

resurrect•ing healing

Experience the transformative power of resurrection as we discover how Christ’s resurrection brings restoration and healing to our broken world, ushering in a dawn of new hope.

resurrect•ing vision

Join us as we embark on our journey of hope, exploring how Christ’s resurrection renews our vision for the future and empowers us to embrace the promise of God’s presence.

Good Friday Tenebrae

Step into the solemn beauty of our Good Friday Tenebrae as we observe the passion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ through a candlelit service of darkness. Join us in this contemplative journey, where sacred music, scripture readings, and extinguishing candles create a profound atmosphere of reflection and remembrance.

Maundy Thursday Dinner

Join us for a meaningful Maundy Thursday dinner where we celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and love. Experience a night of fellowship, reflection, and a shared meal that embodies the values of compassion and community.

Palm + Passion Sunday

On this Palm + Passion Sunday, journey with us as we reflect on the shadow of expectation and devotion. Explore the contrasts between the triumphant entry and the anointing at Bethany, delving into the complexities of our own expectations and devotion in our faith journey.

Easter Celebration

Celebrate the joy of Easter Sunday with us at Sacred Place! Join our uplifting worship gathering as we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus, filled with inspiring music, heartfelt messages, and a sense of hope that transcends boundaries. Come together with our inclusive community to embrace the spirit of renewal and new beginnings on this […]

Today is Mission Sunday, so there is no live stream.